Where premium sounds have a rainbows colours


The Pro Series Range is our finest works combining both sound & visual art!

They are all carefully hand heat treated and coloured over a much longer time and given a great deal of heat attention.

These instruments are spectacularly heat coloured and are unique works of art aswell as fully functioning playing instruments.peterpanpremier2

At each stage of the heating process the steel was allowed to rest and relax for long periods of time so that it could naturally relax after each round of heat treatments.

Time and great care with the heat treatments creates a whole range of wonderful harmonics throughout the steel body and on the playing tonefields and tonefield areas.

We ensure that the shells are prepared by using a high quality UK nitriding company for superior steel coating to aid in rust protection which gives us the perfect base to hand create aestetically pleasing and very unique flame heated artwork patterns on each of the handpans shell surfaces


Each handmade handpan is totally  unique as there are not two that look the same nor sound exactly the same.

These are our premier range of handpans and they are simply aesthetically georgous and also sound beautiful!

Premier Range scale: D Minor

D – A * C * D * E * F * G * A * C


We currently have three pro series instruemnts left in stock, order yours now!

C O N T A C T   U S with your interest as we are happy to offer a Skype or Zoom demonstration so that you can hear the sound with quality microphones and show  the heat treatment colours in 4k / 1080HD