handpan raffle lottery

We plan to donate 30% of the ticket sales proceeds to various charities

We had planned to visit a few european handpan festivals this year but cant due to the lock downs which is a shame as we wanted to let many people have a play on our instruments. Plus we could make some lovely videos with lots of top players and also meet lots of beautiful like minded people.

We are instead taking this alternative approach to get them out there into your eyes and ears.

This Lottery / Raffle lets new people see and hear what we make as we have numerous happy owners already with our instruments but we would like them out there in a few more hands, hence we came up with this idea.

We hope you like it and thankyou for participating and Good Luck to you!


Welcome to our 1st handpan raffle and there`s an amazing prize collection on offer:

PRIZE: 1x PeterPan D Minor Handpan ( see pictures and video ) PLUS 1x handpan case PLUS Free postage to you anywhere within the EU

There will only be 75 tickets in total available each priced at £20 each ticket and you are  able to purchase as many entry tickets as you wish.

The winner will be drawn when all the tickets have been sold by a random number generator live online

As an added bonus all ticket purchasers will be offered £100 off any handpan purchase in the future 

When we recieve the confirmation email from paypal of your ticket purchases we will add your payment email info to a column in our excel spreadsheet.

Your paypal reciept of your payment confirms you have purchased tickets.


—> I M P O R T A N T !!

When ALL of the tickets have been sold we will send out an email to ALL the ticket purchasers payment email address


Publish the names of the entrants here which will show your number for this raffle draw and we will also ADD a date and time for the live draw on the PeterPan Handpans Facebook page / timeline and on this website!

By entering the draw you agree to be subscribed to our newsletter to learn of future raffles, sound models and special discounts.

Thankyou in advance for good luck xx

Purchase as many winning chance tickets as you wish,

only 75 available!

1 Raffle Ticket20.00 GBPHandpan Raffle Ticket
Your Handpan Raffle Ticket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.